SRDS Academy for students and individual learners 

Master the art of media planning with SRDS Academy. Through our online certification courses, you will gain essential real-world skills and get to experience what it’s like to be in the shoes of a media planner.  

What will you learn?

How to put together a media plan for a client

How to make purchasing decisions as a media planner

How to assess and evaluate media properties

Important terminology related to media planning

Why is SRDS Academy Important?

This self-paced learning program provides expert SRDS instruction, course exams, reference materials and resume-enhancing certifications. SRDS Academy is a syllabus essential that complements a student's course work in advertising, marketing, business and communications. If you're new to the media industry, SRDS Academy can help elevate your career and job prospects. 

Media Mix

Learn about different media channels and how to reach target audiences.

Market Research

Learn the importance of utilizing different research platforms to gain valuable market insights.

Hands-On Experience

Learners are tested using real life media planning scenarios where they must use SRDS to answer their clients questions. 

Media Planning

Learn the intricacies of developing a media plan in an interactive way. 

Cross-Channel Planning

Learn how to plan an advertising campaign across multiple media channels. 

Resume Booster

Being certified in SRDS on a resume will help you  get a leg up in job searches. 

Why is SRDS Academy Important for Professors?

No Extra Work Required

Everything is built out for you, no need to put in extra work or planning to add this to lesson plans.

Exams to Test Student Knowledge

Includes exams covering what students learned at the end of every course to test their knowledge.

Lesson Plan Material

Incorporate SRDS into lesson plans and assign students the certification course as homework.

Downloadable Materials

"Cheat sheets" with a breakdown of each course are given to students as downloadable PDF after passing each exam.

Resume Booster

Help your students boost their resume and become an expert in each subject. They will leave your class ready to use SRDS everyday in their place of work. 

Prepare Students for Media Planning Roles

Help your students realize if they want to be a media planner through the real-life scenarios they complete in each module.
“Our team uses SRDS weekly for media contact information, audience data and market profiles, among other features. This is an excellent tool for students becoming familiar with the media industry or specific geographic markets. Understanding how to use SRDS as a resource, and having the opportunity to apply the data would position students favorably for opportunities within advertising, media planning and buying roles.”

Jon Bross, Vladimir Jones Agency

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